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Handicap Information

Handicap Information

Club handicaps are administered in accordance with the CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2016-2018

Updated Handicap List

How to get a handicap

A member who requires a new handicap must submit 3 cards over 18 holes or 6 card over 9 holes (or a combination) at Foxbridge. These cards must be signed by a responsible person and should be submitted within a 6 month period. These cards will be reviewed, any necessary adjustments made, and a handicap allotted based on the best of the 3 cards. If a player fails to return cards to justify a handicap of 28 or less (men) or 36 or less (ladies), he/she may be refused a handicap until further cards are submitted that show an improved standard. Any handicap held previously will be taken into account when allocating a new handicap.

If a member is moving from another club, his/her handicap is transferred. Please provide a certificate from your previous club.

If a member is a member of more than one club, he/she must nominate a ‘home club’ and notify his ‘other’ club(s) of his up-to-date playing handicap. All qualifying scores must be reported to the ‘home club’ and the necessary adjustments made.

Maintaining a handicap

Any golfer who did not return at least 3 qualifying scores in the previous 12 months will render their handicap "non-competitive". The handicap will only be returned to "competitive" status once 3 qualifying cards have been returned.
Qualifying competitions:-
Any score returned in a qualifying competition, over 9 or 18 holes, will automatically result in any necessary adjustment to a player’s handicap. Please see the competition schedule for dates of the Club competitions. Qualifying competitions are also run by the ladies’ and senior’s sections of the club.

Supplementary scores:-

Any player may submit up to 10 supplementary scores per year, but no more than 1 in any week. A player wishing to submit a supplementary score must adhere to the normal rules for qualifying competitions.

Qualifying competitions

When entering a qualifying competition (or submitting a supplementary score) it is the player’s responsibility to adhere to the following rules:-
Sign in to the competition before play.
Ensure his/her name and correct handicap are on the card.
Ensure the card is signed by both the player and the marker. (You are signing to confirm that the GROSS score recorded at each hole is correct.)
Submit the card in the appropriate way. (Any card not returned in time will be treated as a ‘No Return’.)
If any of the above is not adhered to, the player may be disqualified. In this instance, any necessary handicap adjustment still applies.

Handicap Allowances

CONGU directs that the following handicap allowances be used:-

Match Play         Singles-Full difference between the handicaps of the players        
Foursomes ½ difference between aggregate handicaps of each side
FBBB Each player receives 90% of difference in handicap from lowest player in 4ball
Stroke Play Singles-Full handicap
Foursomes ½ aggregate handicap of partners
FBBB Each partner receives 90% of handicap
Greensomes Lower handicap x 0.6 plus higher handicap x 0.4 (A conversion table is given in Appendix F of the CONGU book.)
Note 1: Half strokes or over to be rounded up to one, smaller fractions to be disregarded.
Note 2:                       When extra holes are required to decide a match, strokes should be taken in accordance with the stroke index.

Mixed competitions

Our main Club competitions are open to men, ladies and juniors. When the results are processed, appropriate adjustments are made to the scores in relation to the differences in the Standard Scratch for each set of tees - if necessary. The original score, prior to any adjustment, is used for handicap purposes.