Welcome to Foxbridge Golf Course. Make Foxbridge your number one choice for enjoyable golf.

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About Us

About Us

Situated 5 miles from Billingshurst and 8 miles from Godalming, Foxbridge is set in the most beautiful West Sussex countryside with a peace and tranquility to match some of the most sought after venues for golf. When the bluebell woods adjoining the 3rd and 4th are in full bloom and your drive is bounding down the middle of the fairway ‘heaven’ is not far from your thoughts.

Foxbridge golf club was built in the early nineties and opened for business in 1992. The course was built on the land that was originally Foxbridge Farm, indeed the owner of the 14th century cottage opposite the course originally farmed the land. During its life Foxbridge has had many esteemed admirers, from the late great Max Faulkner, the 1951 Open Champion, and his life long friend and Ryder Cup partner Ken Bowsfield who to regularly played here, to more recent visitors including Chris Evans, Greg Rusedski, Robbie Williams, Ant & Dec and Jodie Kidd who lived locally and chose Foxbridge for their golf.

Mark Twain may well have said “Golf is a good walk spoiled”, however he never came to Foxbridge. If he had, this famous assessment may never have been made. When you come to Foxbridge you will share the same experience as many other people - one of total surprise. Surprise that for a nine-hole course, it appeals to the beginner, the learner, the improver and the steady golfer.

You are invited to share in the enthusiasm that has been with us all at Foxbridge since we first set eyes on this hidden secret. We offer you a friendly and relaxed environment in which to learn, practice and play.Choose what you want to do. You can join as a member or come and play when you want. Make Foxbridge your number one choice for enjoyable golf.

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